Pin-testing #1: French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

9 Oct

I spend a lot … A LOT of time on Pinterest.

I try to think of things to make/do on my own.  But sometimes my imagination needs a break.  And that is where Pinterest comes in.  So here is my start at testing pins and sharing my experiences. I shall attempt to do it at least once a week (providing I can find something every week that I am not too lazy to give a try!).. on Tuesdays and call it Pin-Test Tuesdays.

French Vanilla Coffee Creamer:

I usually buy that International brand coffee creamer, french vanilla flavour.  But it is definitely too expensive when it’s not on sale and I only buy it when the big bottles are on sale, because the small ones only last me like a week.  And it is usually only on sale (for a good price) around Christmas.

So I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day and I came across this.  Three ingredient coffee creamer!? WITH FLAVOUR!? YES PLEASE!


So I set out to give it a try.  I was super stoked on finally having something tastier than just milk in my coffee .. blah.

I honestly don’t even know why I use 2%! It’s just what my mom always bought and I have just never purchased any others since.

Making this coffee creamer was pretty simple.  I opened the can of sweetened condensed milk and tasted it.  I have NEVER tasted it before! It’s pretty yummy.  But it’s pretty expensive … but not as expensive as the International stuff.  And it makes a lot more, once mixed with the milk.  I added it to my freshly cleaned store bought banana pepper jar ( I crossed my fingers that I washed the jar thoroughly enough… there was still a faint lingering smell of peppers in the lid of the jar…. but I’m the only one drinking it and I decided that I was okay with that).

I didn’t have any good vanilla extract left, so I had to settle for the artificial stuff.  This wouldn’t be my first choice and I encourage you to use the really good stuff, if you decide to try this out yourselves.  But it gets the job done.

I tasted it once it was all mixed together.  Boy was it sweet/strong/very condensed milky. I was surprised to find that the original recipe was too sweet for me! NOTHING IS EVER TOO SWEET FOR ME! MY CAVITIES CAN TESTIFY TO THAT!! I ended up adding a little bit more milk and another teaspoon of vanilla.

Now to taste it with coffee.  I have a very unique way of brewing coffee as I have yet to find a coffee maker that I like.  I also brew it this way because I like having the option of iced coffee instead of hot. I use a strainer with paper towel, set over a large mixing bowl.  I make just enough that will fill a medium sized pickle jar and keep it in the fridge. It usually lasts me about 3 days.  Yes, I reheat my coffee when I want it hot.  I am not ashamed to say it. And I don’t find that it tastes that much different from freshly brewed.  It is probably because I use so much creamer, it must mask the reheated taste? But I don’t care.. that is how I like my coffee and I am not saying that anyone has to do it that way… (yes, I have had this argument before! Hah)

Anyway.  So I added the creamer to my coffee and HOLY YUM! I am never buying the other stuff again!  Not only is it cheaper to make, it tastes soooo much yummier.

I love saving jars!! (and yes, that is a picture of my cat on the kitchen counter :P)

Recipe: (from

14oz Sweetened Condensed Milk – That’s 1 3/4 cup or a 300 ml can

14oz Milk – you can use whatever milk you prefer, or even heavy cream – plus another 1/2 cup if you don’t want it too sweet

2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract – I used 3 teaspoons

quart sized Mason Jar – I used a banana pepper jar but I would  recommend the mason jar .. less mess when shaking!

Shake it all together and enjoy!

<3 Sara-Jane


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